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How It Works

Your Step-by-Step guide to booking your trip with your Grower Award

Do You Know Your Award?

Visit one of The Awards pages to learn about the details of your specific Award.

Discover Destinations

Use our booking engine to search hotel options for your award. Explore the top cities by state or view our featured destinations and newly added hotels.

Ready to Book?

You have your CitySampler Award, you know when and where you want to go and have picked out the perfect hotel. Now it’s time to book! Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions.

It's Easier Than Ever To Book Your CitySampler Award.

Follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to the perfect getaway







That’s all there is to it. Remember, you don’t have to chose your destination and dates when you chose the CitySampler award. If you chose the 2019 award now, 
you’ll have until December 27, 2020 to pick your destination and dates.



Learn about your award and the program.

Go to school and learn the A-B-C's of the CitySampler program.  A. Go to “The Awards" page via the above toolbar, find your award level, and click “Learn More”.  B. Review the Terms & Conditions of the program by clicking here.  C. Visit the Explore Destinations section for a state-by-state view of participating cities.  Some cities do not participate in the program... a partial list of them is here.  Most excluded destinations are in resort areas where there are not enough hotels to support this program.

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Create an account to Search & Book live availability.

Our booking engine will present all the hotel options eligible for booking on your award, as well as the Hotel Upgrade options you will have.

Create your account.  Register your award.  Search whenever you want!

You'll only have to create your account once, and it's really easy.  Just the basics.  Then you register your awards by adding them to your account.  You can start searching live availability immdiately, or return to your account anytime day or is always open.

NOTE: If you have ever received a CitySampler award in the past, you can log into your EXISTING account and simply register your new awards.




Book your trip.  Download your confirmation.  Off you go.

Our booking engine will present all the hotel options eligible for booking on your award, as well as the Hotel Upgrade options you will have. In smaller cities with fewer hotels, ALL hotel choices will be presented, regardless of star level.

Need extra nights?  Want a Hotel Upgrade? 

 No problem!  You're not limited by the number of nights included in your award.  You can book up to 4 extra nights for a discounted price.  Special occasions call for special hotels, so consider one of the Hotel Upgrade options you'll see in the search results (they have a yellow background).  And all of the awards are valid for 2 adults, so if you're bringing more, you'll see a small surcharge for more than 2 adults.  Remember... the CitySampler award is NOT designed for more than 4 travelers of any age.

Have any questions about booking your CitySampler award? Check out our FAQ section for answers to all of our common questions.