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With over 400 destinations and 32,000 hotels, there are endless options for how you can use your CitySampler Award.

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Use your CitySampler Award for your upcoming trip! Whether it’s a class reunion, wedding, or a nephew’s graduation, book your stay with CitySampler.

Relive the Memories

Rediscover your college campus, celebrate your anniversary, or revisit a favorite vacation spot with your CitySampler Award.


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How CitySampler Works

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It is easier than ever to book your getaway with City Sampler. Use your award to book a trip to the destination of your choice. With more than 400 destinations and over 32,000 participating hotels to choose from, you're sure to find a CitySampler destination to meet your needs. 


Choose the Citysampler Award


Register Your Award


Search & Book Your Trip!

That’s all there is to it. Remember, you don’t have to chose your destination and dates when you chose the CitySampler award. If you choose a 2018 CitySampler award, you’ll have until December 28th, 2019 to pick your destination and dates.  (NOTE: Awards that begin with "17-" expire December 28th, 2018)



Take a look at “The Awards” above and decide which one fits your award points and travel needs. Then tell your salesperson you want the CitySampler hotel award.


Once you get your award, come back to this site, create your account, and register it.



When you’re ready to book your trip, come back here and click “Book A Trip” above. You’ll log into your account and search more than 400 cities and 32,000 hotels with NO BLACK-OUT DATES (except New Year’s Eve).

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